HVAC Repair in Doral

Having an unexpectedly broken air conditioner or heating unit can be a miserable experience. The good news is that you don’t have to suffer any longer. All Air Conditioning Mechanical is a certified, affordable and experienced heating, cooling and ventilation specialist contractor servicing the Doral area. At All Air Conditioning Mechanical, we understand that finding the right heating and air conditioning company is an important decision and should not be rushed. Trust is a major factor in choosing the right HVAC company, and that is something that we at All Air Conditioning Mechanical do not take lightly. Many companies will come into your home or business and perform the bare minimum while charging premium prices. At All Air Conditioning Mechanical, we are committed to treating every customer as if they were members of our own family. We are dedicated to forging a trusting relationship with each and every one of our valued customers. To us, the job is not done until you, the customer, are 100% satisfied.

Emergency HVAC Repair

In case of an emergency, we have the ability to get our licensed team of experts to your home and business as fast as possible so that your heating and cooling breakdown doesn’t quickly escalate to a full-blown emergency. We are equipped to service every make and model of furnace, boiler, heat pump and air conditioning unit and even refrigerators too! We are committed to being here for you when you need us—that is why we have a 24-hour, 365-day-a-year telephone line where one of our expert HVAC specialists can be reached at the drop of a hat. Our company policy is to provide affordable repair rates that do not sacrifice in quality, attention to detail and professional service.

During our visit, we will perform a thorough diagnostic test to cover all your bases so that you are not left having to reach out to another HVAC company in the near future. Our diagnostic check involves:

  • Observing the air pressure of the HVAC unit
  • Inspecting the air filter
  • Cleaning and inspecting all grills, returns and vents
  • Ensuring that all motor and air blower are cleaned, free of excessive debris and well lubricated
  • Ensuring that all parts and pieces are in good condition and working order
  • Testing all drain lines
  • Checking refrigerant level and temperature
  • Testing condenser unit efficiency
  • Checking for any unusual and excessive noise, odors or dust
  • Measuring all carbon monoxide levels in the home

Contact Your Neighbourhood HVAC Repair Specialist Today

If you notice that your air conditioner, heater or refrigerator is not performing as well as it used to, do not hesitate to call All Air Conditioning Mechanical as soon as possible. The longer that you wait, the longer you increase the chances of a bigger problem occurring. Oftentimes it is the case that HVAC breakdowns cause a domino effect, which is why it is essential to call your neighborhood HVAC specialist as soon as you suspect any problems. We look forward to getting you and your family back to enjoying your home’s optimal temperature!